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Are you running a children and young people's community group and looking for a fun and meaningful activity? Then look no further. This asthma challenge pack is especially written for groups to share important asthma knowledge withn the community, so young people know what asthma is and can look out for other people.

Or maybe you are a parent, or a nurse/doctor looking to help a child with asthma learn about their condition in a fun way? Why not 'prescribe' a fun quiz or a story?

Perhaps you are a teacher/school nurse and you'd like a fun lesson to demystify and destigmatise asthma?

No medical training is needed. The pack features cver 20 activities, fully explained, with 'did you know' sections and videos

Our learning outcomes

We base all our activities on learning outcomes that emerged from ground-breaking medical research undertaken in 2004[1] that revealed what we need to do to prevent asthma deaths. We use colour coding so that you know which activity links to which learning outcome, so that you can choose a good range of knowledge:

To describe the basic anatomy and physiology of the lungs

To describe what reliever and preventer inhalers do in the lungs

To demonstrate correct inhaler technique

To spot the signs of an acute asthma attack and know basic first aid management

To explain in simple terms what a personal asthma action plan is and why it is important

To tell an adult if they see someone with asthma take their blue reliever inhaler more than 3 times a week

To recognise common asthma triggers

To share some simple breathing and relaxation exercises to relieve anxiety


[1] Royal College of Physicians (2014) National Review of Asthma Deaths

Asthma Challenge Pack

  • This pack is © BreathChamps CIC 2021.  All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For information, address the publisher.

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