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A Bit About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We have been testing our ideas about how to learn about breathing in fun ways since 2017, when we started working with families and community organisations in Winton, Salford on an NHS funded project called 'Eccles Together in Health'.

We started trying our 'asthma parties' in the local primary schools and church hall. Then came BreathStars, a joint project with Unlimited Potential, a social enterprise in Salford where we tested whether singing regularly could help breathing in children with asthma (yes it does!).

BreathChamps is led by a multiple-award winning Queen's Nurse called Heather Henry, who is trained in social innovation and asset based approaches. We became a community interest company in 2020. The company is managed by 3 directors: a nurse, a teacher and and a global health adviser.

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