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We're hiring!

Seeking two volunteer directors and up to four volunteer advisors to the board

BreathChamps CIC offers innovative social solutions to improve lung health. We use playful and fun approaches like singing, storytelling and games as a central organising feature. We help everyone to exchange knowledge about how to breathe better and learn more about breathing. Led by an award-winning nurse entrepreneur, what we do is either based on research evidence and clinical guidelines or we seek to generate that evidence ourselves.

Our vision is that anyone, especially children and young adults, can ‘Be a BreathChamp’ and share fundamental knowledge amongst community members about how to breathe better, in enjoyable ways.

Our mission is to build the capacity of citizens to improve the quality of life of people with breathing problems and reduce unnecessary clinical interventions.

Our approach is to work in equal partnership with citizens, community organisations, schools, colleges and universities, commercial and statutory bodies, using an asset and strengths-based approach. We focus on building on what’s strong rather than what’s wrong, amongst people and communities. We believe that children and adults with breathing problems are heroes, not ‘patients’ and can contribute much to healing themselves and their communities.

Any profit we make by trading is reinvested in the delivery of activities to hard pressed communities in Northwest England, where the company is based.

Our main areas of business are:

  1. Education programmes: both online and in person, offered globally.

  2. Innovative projects and programmes that aim to improve the wellbeing of children and adults with asthma and other breathing conditions.

  3. The development and retailing of innovative asthma products for children and young adults, including storybooks, games, crafts and asthma - related devices.

Two non-executive directors

We are currently seeking up to two new non-executive directors to join our team of 3 skilled, passionate and committed individuals. If you are interested in being part of the next phase of our development and have time and skills to offer, then please do get in touch.

We are seeking people with experience in finance, business and enterprise, fundraising and marketing. Those with experience that spans both health and education are of particularly of interest.

The posts are not remunerated, but reimbursement is offered for out-of-pocket expenses.

The expected time commitment is approximately 4/5 days per year comprising of

  • Quarterly Board meetings over Zoom. We plan one face to face Board meeting per year, in Northwest England.

  • Preparation for Board meetings, including reading updates and engaging with the managing director, plus other activities as required to ensure the smooth and effective running of the CIC.

  • Occasional advice and support to the BreathChamps team in your area of expertise

Purpose of the role: directors

  • Ensure good governance of BreathChamps CIC, so we are effectively and sustainably run:

    • Scrutinising and supporting the development of policies and procedures and systems for monitoring and evaluating the CIC’s work.

    • Support the development and monitoring of financial planning, ensuring financial probity

    • Ensure that the CIC accords with its social mission, delivers community benefit and maintains the asset lock as stated in our articles of association

    • Safeguard finances, resources and property and ensuring they are used to further the CIC’s purposes – for example, by insuring and documenting assets, maintaining financial systems, monitoring income and expenditure and ensuring the CIC is financially sustainable or viable.

  • Set the direction of and strategy for our CIC

  • Be accountable to those with an interest or stake in or who regulate our CIC – for example, by preparing annual reports and accounts and consulting with stakeholders.

Director’s duties (Companies Act, 2006)

  • Act in accordance with the company's constitution, and only exercise powers for the purposes for which they are conferred.

  • Act in the way that you consider, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members

  • Exercise independent judgment

  • Exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence

    • that may reasonably be expected of a person carrying out the functions carried out by the director in relation to the company

    • based on the general knowledge, skill and experience that the director has

  • Avoid a situation in which you have, or can have, a direct or indirect interest that conflicts, or possibly may conflict, with the interests of the company

  • Not accept a benefit from a third party conferred by reason of

    • being a director, or

    • doing (or not doing) anything as director.

  • Declare interest in proposed transaction or arrangement if, as director of a company, you are in any way directly or indirectly, interested in a proposed transaction or arrangement with the company

Person Specification: Directors

Knowledge and Experience

  • An interest in the work and approach of BreathChamps CIC.

  • Expertise in finance, business and enterprise, fundraising or marketing.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills, verbal communication skills and the ability to support the Chair and other Board members.

  • The ability to promote the work of BreathChamps CIC across a diverse network.

  • Ability to provide strategic leadership.

  • Ability to support informed, rigorous decision-making.

  • Work effectively and collaboratively within a team.


  • Personal integrity

  • Alignment with the mission, values and approach of BreathChamps CIC

Up to 4 advisors to the board

We are seeking 3-4 dynamic advisors to form an advisory group. The roles are voluntary, but expenses are covered.

Role of the advisory group

BreathChamps advisory group is a sounding board for the CIC. It provides expertise, guidance and business-development insight. It also furnishes the managing director with a group of experts who can discuss opportunities, challenges and next steps.

Advisors have the best interests of the CIC at heart. And so, they are not afraid to give advice - even if it contradicts the thinking of the managing director or the board. They work best when given specific challenges to respond to, which is what we would offer, such as ‘How can we best encourage voluntary youth groups like Scouts and Guides across the UK to do our asthma challenge badge  - and at the same time make an income for the CIC, so we can continue our work?’

The time commitment is 2-3 days a year and may involve face to face or virtual meetings, including ‘awaydays’ with the board, with sufficient notice. In person meetings will be held in Northwest England.

Person specification: Advisor

The skills and expertise that we particularly seek include:

  • An ability to engage, develop and use the strengths and skills of people and communities; viewing people as assets rather than ‘in need’

  • Understand the wants and desires of diverse communities, particularly minority ethnic groups, young adults and communities that are hard-pressed

  • Know their way around networks that may benefit the CIC, such as respiratory networks, clinical networks, integrated care or primary care networks

  • A desire to help people with breathing issues

  • Good chemistry with the managing director and a willingness to offer constructive challenge and support

The benefits of volunteering with BreathChamps CIC

  • Chance to meet new people and learn more about the community

  • Opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children and adults with breathing issues

  • Chance to give back to your community

  • Opportunity to learn more about fundamental principles behind BreathChamps: co-production and asset-based approaches.

  • If you are looking for work, experience of working with us can build confidence and can be added to your CV.

  • Opportunity to learn more about respiratory health

Even if you have never been in a formal role that helps an organisation to develop, we want to hear from you! We really welcome people from different communities and backgrounds, who might have something to give to us! Anyone aged 16 years and over can apply.

For an informal chat about these roles, contact

Heather Henry, Managing Director, BreathChamps CIC

Tel 07941 790 670

To apply for either a non-executive director role or an advisory group role

Please email enclosing a letter covering:

  • Who you are and what your values and interests are

  • Why you are applying

  • How you meet the person specification

By 5pm on 27/09/2021

If you need help to apply, get in touch.

If you want to send us a CV, please do, but if you haven’t got one, don’t worry.

For non-executive roles: The 3 directors will shortlist and arrange an interview on 04/10/2021

For advisory roles: The managing director will meet you for an informal discussion/meeting.

We're hiring!: Welcome
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