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Welcome to BreathChamps

Breathe Better - Have Fun

Based in Greater Manchester, we offer social ways to help adults and children to breathe better. 

We also share breathing knowledge within communities so people understand and help those with breathing problems.

Please explore our pages and get in touch if we can help

Forest bathing at Walkden Gardens

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Ways to Help

Take Action Now

Volunteer Your Time

We are currently looking for:

Two or three volunteers to lead nature activities with families in Partington once a month - full training offered.

Someone with clinical knowledge to support our Dance Easy classes in Urmston once a week in the daytime.

Partner with Us

Passionate about wellbeing  and about strengthening people and communities? We like to partner with local community groups,  businesses and like-minded social entrepreneurs. We currently co deliver with singing, dancing and leisure services. 

We also work with Girl Guides, Scouts and local schools

Make a Donation

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Have you been to a FREE BreathChamps activity and want to make a donation?

Just copy and paste 

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