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BreathStars is our singing for lung health programme. We are experienced in singing with both children and adults

BreathStars in schools

Music for wellbeing and joy

Are you a music teacher, school choir leader or someone who sings with adults and wants to learn how to help children and young people with asthma? If so we can offer you training so you know the breathing exercises and repertoire that will help. We encourage everyone to sing for lung health together, so children with asthma don't feel singled out.

Big Asthma Singalung

Families singing for lung health at home

Does your child love singing in the car or on Karaoke? Our 'Big Asthma Singalong' programme is a 1.5hr online programme for parents to help children to 'sing their asthma better' at home. See our events sections for the latest dates.

BreathStars for adults

A 'social'  form of pulmonary rehabilitation

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many adults with existing lung disease feeling more breathless because they haven't been able to exercise as much.  We can deliver 6 week comprehensive singing for lung health programmes, either face to face or online. We are currently planning activities in both Salford and Trafford.

Activities: Activities
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